Savings to You

The "Real" Cost of In-house Shredding

Many small businesses have reacted to ever-increasing rules and regulations by purchasing an inexpensive personal shredder and instructing the staff to "shred as you go". This might seem to be a cost effective way to protect yourself, clients, customers or patients from identity theft and the risk of unauthorized disclosure of private information. And if you think so, you wouldn't be alone. However, a closer look at the numbers can be your key to saving money.
The chart below outlines a conservative estimate of the cost of this flawed strategy.

The Cost of "Do It Yourself" In-house Shredding

(Assumes 4 employees, each spending only 5 minutes per day to shred documents)
Average Staff Wage
Hourly, includes benefits
Total Daily Staff Time Spent Shredding
Minutes total for all staff per day
Total Monthly Staff Time Spent Shredding
Hours per month, based on an average 21 work day month
Labor Cost of Shredding
Monthly cost
Total Annual Cost of In-house Shredding

Money in the Bank

As shown above, even a typical small business can spend over $1,600 per year for the "free" shredding being performed by staff. Our rates for pickup start as low as $35 per service. That's a savings of over $1,200 per year! More than money, with Shred and Go! you get: Security, Compliance, Peace of Mind, Convenience, Staff Efficiency, and Improved Storage Space Utilization!